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Thanks for your interest in becoming our correspondent,

Is your school having an upcoming or ongoing event that you will like to showcase?

All you need to do is to provide relevant fact, images and videos. YOUR SCHOOL could be the next cover story on Schoolannexblog.com It’s easy and fun!
We will edit your story accordingly, You can also give us any other relevant information within your school environment

SchoolAnnexBlog Reward system is result based i.e. Linked to the number of stories posted on the website,

measured by page views and engagement with bonuses for correspondent who post the most articles,

Our Terms:

1. You are entitled to a monthly stipends based on your performance and eventually you may qualified for a scholarship award

2. News and interviews submitted will go through editorial board approval to be considered valid,

3. Photographs and videos are a key aspect of your news report

4. There is a great benefit if you bring adverts for the site

5. Nude pictures not acceptable, for more information

Kindly register below to get started , once you register, send your news article (+relevant image)to correspondent@schoolannexblog.com (Do not forget to indicate your Name,Phone No, School Name ,Course and Level)

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