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Ten books every teacher should read

Plato’s Republic, Rousseau’s Émile and Dewey’s Democracy and Education – there’s a strong case to be made, as Dennis Hayes has, that these are the only books on education that teachers need to read. But if I was about to enter the classroom as a teacher for the first time …

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Re-educate the miseducated Nigerian

Abraham Lincoln in that famous letter to his son’s teacher implored: “Teach him if you can the wonders of books, but also give time to ponder the extreme mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on a green hill. Teach him to have faith in …

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Post-16 maths to get government cash boost

It comes as a government commissioned maths review found too many teenagers dropped maths after GCSE, harming their job prospects and the wider economy. The cash, from existing budgets, will help more students take a maths A-level or core maths qualification, say ministers. Better maths skills were “vital”, said Education …

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More than paying school fees

With the rising cost of everything including private education in Nigeria, and the fact that for most who desire a better foundation for their children, public schools are just not an alternative, we find an unfortunate trend where parents are just so overwhelmed with working hard to earn enough to …

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Ethiopia: The Other Sides of Graduation

I had once read a piece which focused on the bad habit of copying all the Western movie styles without caring the local value systems. The writer, who is a friend of mine, has tried to show the reader how Hollywood movies are contaminating African film industry and its culture. …

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Dropping Out of College Into Life

“I never pegged you for a dropout,” a family friend said when I moved back home to sleepy Owensboro, Ky., after my freshman year of college. In high school I had been a stereotypical overachiever. Because my grades were good, I had little doubt that I’d excel in college. Instead, …

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