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Magufuli Stance a Setback On Girl-Child Education:Uganda

Magufuli reasons that these girls may affect their colleagues if allowed to associate with them again.In a short time, Magufuli has gained popularity in East Africa and Africa in general as a result of the many positive things he has done and implemented, including the policy on free education.

When the famous president now comes up and thinks otherwise, it is a shock, a serious human rights violation and a setback to what many governments and organizations promoting girl child education and women empowerment have worked for in a long time.

One of the things that have caused early pregnancies among girl children is poverty. Many teenage girls coming from poor backgrounds get easily lured by men who come in their lives promising heaven and earth. As much as the president may be looking out for the interests of the rest of the girls not yet affected, I think stopping teenage girls from achieving their dreams after going through the unwanted pregnancy is double punishment.

Just last year, my neighbour’s daughter (in Ntungamo) who had been under the care of her paternal aunt in Ibanda district went through the same experience at 14 years old. She was ready to sit for her primary seven exams.

However, her dreams were cut short when a 35-year-old man got her pregnant. She could not go back to her aunt’s home or come back to her parents’ home for fear of the repercussions, including torture and discrimination. She, therefore, decided to stay with the man.

I remember cutting my Christmas break short after deciding that her uncle and I travel to Ibanda, investigate and report the matter to police!

While in Ibanda, this is what we discovered: That the aunt with whom the girl had been staying had not reported the matter to police for fear for her life and family as the man is said to be dangerous.

The community was aware of what the man had been doing to people’s children but was silent. From the local police station in Ibanda, we proceeded to another local police station on Entebbe road where the culprit works, according to the local sources. We reported the matter but, up to now, the case has not been taken to court.

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  1. I think girls should also be given opportunity, cus i believe what a man can do a woman can do more better

  2. this ain’t right. I think we ladies should also be given opportunity.

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